We offer you a wide range of EDI products. There are commercial products and open source products available.

mendelson business integration - The mendelson business integration is a reliable, high performant and easy to configure software solution for your EDI/EAI/B2B requirements. It gives you an EDI solution for highest requirements - and this for an acceptable price.

mendelson converter - It allows you to convert your data from any format to any other format. EDI to XML, XML to EDI, XML to XML and EDI to EDI.

mendelson converter IDE - We offer also an integrated development environment to develop and deploy your mappings/conversions.

Our standalone communication software:

mendelson AS2 - EDIINT AS2 solution

mendelson AS4 - AS4 solution (ebMS v3 AS4, ENTSOG AS4)

mendelson OFTP2 - OFTP2 solution for ODETTE File Transfer Protocol 2

mendelson rosettaNet - RosettaNet solution

Our open-source contributions:

With the help of the community licenses of our products you can take the first steps towards professional, secure data exchange - without any financial expense.

Our certificate authority:

Our additional communication software:

These communication adapters are not available as standalone servers - they are only available as integrated modules of the mendelson business integration.

Elemica, CIDX✔️
OFTP 1✔️

The mendelson business integration (mbi) is our universal solution
for highest EDI requirements.

It's available in different versions and with different modules.
Choose the leading EDI software.

Our mendelson converter is available for your business data conversion.
It can convert any data formats (EDI, XML and databases) into each other.

Our converter IDE provides a graphical, easy-to-use user interface
for the creation and editing of your conversions.

Use the mendelson communication software for the data exchange with your
customers, partners and also within your company .

We provide a wide range of communication adapter such as AS2, AS4,
eMail/SMTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, OFTP, OFTP2, RosettaNet, SFTP, X.400.

Use the mendelson CA for your simple and easy way
to obtain your trusted keys.