About us

We offer enterprise IT solutions for the integration of your business processes.

Reliable communication between companies should not be complicated

With mendelson-e-commerce GmbH it is easy to simplify the communication between your company and your partner and to increase your productivity.

We are a leading global provider of cutting-edge enterprise communications software based on electronic business data exchange (EDI) and enterprise application integration (EAI).
We offer you standards-based and platform-independent software. Our products are powerful and user-friendly.

Fundamental values

We focus on technology

As technology is our number one priority, we are able to introduce innovations faster than our personnel-intensive competitors and offer our customers the best available software.

The user has the control

We make all products easy to use, so that you can confidently dispense with consultants and only use services for what you cannot do yourself.

We support you with perfection, then growth

Instead of making big commitments in advance, our customers have the opportunity to start smaller and then grow as required by the current requirements.


mendelson-e-commerce GmbH
GLOBAL Headquarters
Kurfürstendamm 30
D-10719 Berlin

We offer our customers a global presence with the help of a worldwide network of companies and partners.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email service@mendelson-e-c.com or the contact form.