mendelson business integration

mendelson business integration

mbi - Flexible solution for highest EDI requirements

The mendelson business integration is a flexible EDI and EAI solution for your highest requirements.
This is your solution for reliable automated EDI data processing and system/B2B integration. We make sure that your platforms are also supported - no matter if you are running Windows, Linux, Mac OS, AIX or others.

In addition to our professional software solution, mendelson-e-commerce GmbH offers you many years of integration experience, fast and uncomplicated support and a future-proof platform with a large customer base.

The role of mbi in your business

The mendelson business integration (mbi) is a flexible EDI/EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) product line for an enterprise wide and internal enterprise integration of your business procedures. The possible applications of mbi are numerous - you can use it to integrate and automate all your processes and to connect your partners securely and with high performance.
But no matter which tasks mbi takes over in your business - you can be sure to be able to integrate all your systems, manage your supply chains in a stable way and process all data formats.

Data transfer: Exchange data with your communication partners with high security and performance
ERP/Backend systems: Connect your ERP/Backend Systems transactional to your partners, with complete traceability
Process modelling: Develop the business process logic of mbi or use ready-made processes
Develop data conversion: Develop the mapping of the data structures of your partners to yours or use ready-made conversions
EDI/CSV, Inhouse formats: The system integrates the different data structures, so that all systems can communicate with each other
e-Invoice: Create, generate and process electronic documents with signatures and the highest level of security
Business monitoring: Monitor and process system processes
Data conversion: Convert different data structures into one another
Process automation: Automatic processing of data by defined processes


With the help of newest technologies mbi enables you to use all advantages of Business-to-Business (B2B) scenarios profitably.

mbi is implemented completely in Java and XML.

The modular architecture and the workflow concept of mbi make a high flexibility at the design of your business models possible.

The integrated mendelson converter is based on the standardized XSLT technology and enables you to transform messages for all Industry Standards in the Classic EDI sector, all XML Internet Standards and any desired Inhouse Formats, quick and easy.

Predefined templates for business scenarios, mappings for conversions, standardized migration and integration solutions for your actual products minimize the introduction expenditures.

With the mendelson mbi Software it was possible for us to change our old EDI system in very short time. And this for a great price.
Rainer Forderer, information technology, ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG
The mendelson business integration (mbi) is a great product family for tbi-requirements (total business integration) of the customers. At area of efficience and features it's comparable to the market leader. At price is the software unbeatable.
Udo Steinkampf, Managing Director SEMCOtech Systems Integration GmbH
The mendelson business integration is a great EDI solution. The administration and usage of the software is worth seeing and trend setting.
Roger Weinhold, EDV/ technic, Komet GmbH


mbi presents a client / server solution. The client-server communication is platform independent - means the server could run on a Linux system while the client (UI) runs on a Windows system.

The base functionality of the server enables the handling of the processes and the logging. Processes are defined in special workflow language. These workflows consist of Java module calls and internal commands for the control of procedure and processing. Java modules for the transformation, message processing, process automation and connectors are included in the basis system. The client includes functionality for the process monitoring and a Development Framework to test workflows and mappings.

Communication adapter

With the mendelson communication adapters you can connect all your partners - no matter whether they are in the automotive, retail, chemical, energy, transport and logistics or other industries. And all this with the highest security, performance and reliability.

  • Directory (Flat File, Inhouse, XML, EDI) included
  • E-Mail, SFTP, FTP, x.400, OFTP1, OFTP2, AS2, AS4, HTTP(S), RosettaNet 1.1, RosettaNet 2.0
  • JDBC, database


  • EDI converter included
  • XML converter included
  • Flat file converter included
  • Inhouse converter included
  • No restrictions regarding the EDI standard

Message processing

  • Automatic message identification, configurable
  • Message split (configurable)
  • Message validation (DTD/Schema/Formatdescription)
  • Message storage

Process automation

  • Default workflows are included, user defined workflows could be created
  • Development and integration of user defined Java modules included
  • Scheduler included
  • Logging of process steps and monitoring included

Supported standards

  • W3C, XML, XSLT, Schema
  • ebXML, BizTalk, xCML, RosettaNet
  • BMEcat, openTRANS
  • Flatfile, CSV, Inhouse

Additional modules

  • EDIFACT signature
    • Digital sign EDIFACT data
    • Verify digital signature of EDIFACT data
  • PDF signature
    • Digital sign PDF documents
    • Verify digital signature of PDF documents
  • e invoice
    • Support for ZUGFeRD 1.x, ZUGFeRD 2.x, FACTUR-X, XRECHNUNG
    • Supports all profiles BASIC, BASIC_WL, CIUS, EN16931, EXTENDED, MINIMUM, XRECHNUNG
    • Outbound generation and inbound processing of all supported hybrid invoice formats
    • PDF generation for the human readable part of the invoices, support for PDF/A-1A, PDF/A-1B, PDF/A-2A, PDF/A-2B, PDF/A-2U, PDF/A-3A, PDF/A-3B, PDF/A-3U
    • PDF converter to convert existing PDF documents to the supported PDF/A formats

Prices and packages

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Screenshots mbi

  • mbi transaction details

    Transaction details

  • mbi workflows

    Workflow selection

  • mbi transaction overview

    Transaction overview

  • mbi partner

    Partner configuration