mendelson AS4 community edition 1.0 b29 released

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Hello all,

A new version of the mendelson AS4 community edition has been released.

Please download your copy at or

For the release notes please visit

Your mendelson dev team



I tried to install the new version on several machines but everywhere there is no way to open the Sign/Crypt store of certificates
Does it happen to you too?

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The problem seems to be a missing picture:
MendelsonMultiResolutionImage:fromSVG(..): [IllegalArgumentException] Resource missing: /de/mendelson/util/security/cert/gui/delete_expired.svg

I tried adding it to WEB-INF/lib/as4.jar in as4.war
and also running the war and jars exploded (unpacked) with the file present in the filesystem
but to no effect.

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What does "there is no way to open the Sign/Crypt store of certificates" mean? Is the button disabled in the user interface or something like that?


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our products come with an integrated system event manager that stores all information about usual and unusual things that happen - you can reach this via the client (File-System Events). Is there any entry that indicates a problem?


I just download the community release since we have a lead to start using AS4 and I see the same behaviour. Buttons are clickable, but no screen shows. This happens to both the ssl and crypt ones. Any news?

Copied the ca16x16.gif and delete_expired.svg into as4.jar in the root dir and in as4.jar the WEB-INF/lib of the as4.war, seems to work now.