mendelson AS2 community edition 1.1 b57 released

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Hello all,

A new version of the mendelson AS2 community edition has been release.
Please download your copy at or

These are the release notes:
What is new

*Localization possibilities extended: Possibility to define the region. From Java 9 weekday calculations depends not only on the language, but also on the set region. In the client this had effects on the date selection of the client - here it was always Sunday as the first day of the week indicated - but this is for example in Europe not the case. In the client, this can be done directly in the settings, the server now has the option -region
*Dark Mode Support of the client: The client can switch to Dark Mode switch. This must be done manually, the software does not recognize whether the operating system is in dark mode. The option for client and also server is -mode DARK, default setting is -mode LIGHT. The dark mode has been realized using flatlaf (
*The whole client was reworked - the elements seemed to be crowded and small
*Hi DPI Icons: All icons of the client were redesigned and are now scalable, they are no longer bitmaps but vector graphics. Means the client could deal now with graphic scaling of the OS. Not only multiples of the native resolution are supported (Mac OS), but also any intermediate value (Windows)
*Automatic contrast adjustment of some colors of the client: Some outputs of the client were directly colored, for example red or green. Depending on the operating system or dark mode it could be but there are visibility issues. Now for each output an automatic contrast adjustment, so there are no more problems with the contrasts of certain colours.
*Send manually: Besides selecting a file to send, you can now also file also simply select "Test data" - here you will then send some test data that the system generates
*The dialog for the connection test was revised, it was missing here also the translation to French
*The main page of the web client can now be configured. For this there is the file "webas2_welcome.html" in the installation directory whose (HTML-) content is displayed on the main page
*The web client now uses vector graphics, so the display is scalable
*Notification: For summary notifications there has been added a text to describe what to do with the summarized ids
*Notification: There is now a notification for connection problems and better notes and descriptions of what happened
*In the certificate management is now the export of a public key in SSH2 Format possible. This has no direct function for AS2 operation, but allows a better integration with SSH products
*Key generator: The keys were made standard to 2048 bit, in addition the generation of self signed RSASSA_PSS keys is supported
*For all configuration problems found there is now an extended dialogue that gives more details
*Certificate manager: There is now a display of the OID of the signature algorithm of each certificate
*System events: It now also shows which files are being processed for transactional delete
*The event after recept now has access to the original file name

Resolved problems

*Search engines were allowed to index the receiving pages of the AS2 server (HttpReceiver and ServerState) - here the corresponding settings in the meta tags of the pages. However, this is still no guarantee, that no indexing takes place, it depends on the respective search engine whether these settings are used
*It was possible to generate an ECDSA key in the certificate manager with 512 bit, but this resulted in an "invalid key size error"
*There were incompatibilities regarding TLS 1.2 - the cause was the version of the JVM
*In the Web Client, the display encoding of the user data was always ISO-8859-1
*In the user interfce, the display encoding of the data was always ISO-8859-1
*It was possible to use CR or LF in the AS2 subject - but then If the transmission fails, because it has direct effects on the MIME structure. This is now no longer possible.
*It was not possible to manually send payloads of 0 bytes. The directory poll was able to send this data
*The help window when opening the help was extremely small
*Events defined in the partner management were not able the access the variable ${mdntext}
*The comment entry in the partner management was not saved
*Notification: Notifications for rejected messages have been sent even if this was switched off
*The Log4Java warnings at startup have been removed
*Certificate management: A cancel button has been added to the trust dialog
*Certificate management: Renaming an alias to an already existing alias was possible
*Integrated HTTP Server: The context listing of the path "/" has been switched off
*Integrated HTTP Server: The display of subdirectories has been switched off
*The event after receipt has not been executed under seldom circumstances. This only affects the asynchronous MDN - here some AS2 systems already sent the MDN if the outbound transmission connection has not yet been terminated. There is now a queue that caches all events and executes them in a own thread later, about 30s after the inbound MDN (async) has been received.
*Certificate management: It was possible to delete a certificate by closing the rename dialog.

Updated software packages

*Update of HSQLDB 2.41 to 2.5.0 (DB System)
*Update of commons pool 2.4.2 to 2.6.2
*Update of commons io 2.5 to 2.6
*Update of commons dbcp 2.1.1 to 2.6.0
*Update of jaxen 1.1.3 to 1.2
*Update of javamail 1.5.6 to 1.6.2
*Update to Bouncycastle v1.64 (Crypto API)
*Update of Lucene 7.7.2 to Lucene 8.2 (Indexing the system events)
*Update to MINA 2.1.2 (Client-Server Interface)


Your mendelson dev team