mendelson-e-commerce GmbH offers software products of enterprise IT communication for the secure and reliable data communication of your partners.
No matter which industry you come from - with mendelson products you will find your solution to exchange data in a standardized way. Besides the connection we also offer solutions for system integration and data conversion - so you can do all your EDI/EAI with us.

There are commercial products and open source products available.

Our EDI/EAI integration and data conversion software:

mendelson business integration - The mendelson business integration is a reliable, high performant and easy to configure software solution for your EDI/EAI/B2B requirements. It gives you an EDI solution for highest requirements - and this for an acceptable price.

mendelson converter - It allows you to convert your data from any format to any other format. EDI to XML, XML to EDI, XML to XML and EDI to EDI.

mendelson converter IDE - We offer also an integrated development environment to develop and deploy your mappings/conversions.

Our standalone communication software:

mendelson AS2 - EDIINT AS2 solution

mendelson AS4 - AS4 solution (ebMS v3 AS4, ENTSOG AS4)

mendelson OFTP2 - OFTP2 solution for ODETTE File Transfer Protocol 2

mendelson rosettaNet - RosettaNet solution

Our open-source contributions:

With the help of the community licenses of our products you can take the first steps towards professional, secure data exchange - without any financial expense.

Our certificate authority:

Our additional communication software:

These communication adapters are not available as standalone servers - they are only available as integrated modules of the mendelson business integration.

Elemica, CIDX✔️
OFTP 1✔️