mendelson OFTP2 community edition 1.0 b41 released

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Hello all,

a new version of the community edition of the mendelson OFTP2 has been released.

Please download your copy at or

These are the release notes:

*Localization options extended: In addition to the language, you can also define a region. Starting with Java 9, weekday calculations depend not only on the language, but also on the set region. In the user interface this had an effect on the date selection (e.g. filter) - here Sunday was always displayed as the first day of the week - but this is for not the case for most countries. In the user interface this can be set directly in the settings
*Dark mode support of the user interface: The user interface can be switched into dark mode. This must be done manually, the software does not recognize whether the operating system is in dark mode. The option is "-mode DARK", default setting is "-mode LIGHT". The dark mode was realized with the help of FlatLaf (
*The whole client was reworked - the elements seemed small and crowded - here most of the line spacing was increased and all icons were adapted.
*HiDPI Icons: All icons of the user interface were redesigned and are now scalable, they are no longer bitmaps but vector graphics. So there should be no problems at this point if the output is scaled via the operating system. Not only multiples of the native resolution are supported (Mac OS), but also any intermediate values (Windows)
*Automatic contrast adjustment of some colors of the client: Some output of the client was directly in certain colors, for example red or green. Depending on the operating system or dark mode, this could lead to problems with visibility. Now there is an automatic contrast adjustment for each output, so there should be no more problems with the contrast of certain colors.
*The import and export function of the configuration has been removed.
*You can now set the TLS protocols per partner. For example, you can allow TLS 1.1 and 1.2 for partner A, but only TLS 1.2 for partner B
*Inbound, you can bind to each port the TLS protocols that should be available. So you can provide for example inbound ports that only support TLS 1.2
*System events are now created when an outgoing connection could not be established
*Key Generator: The key lengths have been set to 2048 bit by default, in addition self signed RSASSA_PSS signed keys are now possible
*For secured connections, the protocol (for example TLSv1.2) and the encryption algorithms are now printed in the log
*The waiting time for reconnection in case of a connection problem has been extended from 30s to 60s
*There is now an explanatory dialog for all configuration problems found
*The internal processing (for example directory monitoring) has been switched to nonblocking IO, which leads to a lower resource consumption

*The inbound port listener did not generate any system events (start, stop, delete, add)
*The system events for certificate expiration always had the status "Information" - but this should be "Warning"
*By increasing the internal OFTP2 protocol value "Buffersize" from 2048 bytes to 10240 bytes the transmission speed was significantly increased (still depends on the settings of your partners system as this is a negotiated value in the handshake)

3rd party software updates and additions:
*Added FlatLaf for the dark mode (
*Update from HSQLDB 2.41 to 2.5.0 (DB system)
*Update of commons pool from 2.4.2 to 2.6.2
*Update of commons io from 2.5 to 2.6
*Update of commons dbcp from 2.1.1 to 2.6.0
*Update from jaxen 1.1.3 to 1.2
*Update from javamail 1.5.6 to 1.6.2
*Update to Bouncycastle v1.64 (Crypto API)
*Update from Lucene 7.7.2 to Lucene 8.2 (Indexing of system events)
*Update to MINA 2.1.2 (Client-Server Interface)
*Update to jgraphx 4.0.0 (Partner Graph)

The mendelson dev team