"invalid password", internal code 4


First time setting up an OFTP2 connection and I need help please. When trying to send a test file, the connection is established, then terminated immediately with an internal code 4 invalid password error. The partner is set up with a gateway before reaching the test system, therefore the SSID and SFID are different. My setup is as follows:

I added a new partner with different SSID and SFID, two partners where created by the mendelson software, one is the Gateway, the other the RemotePartner.

In the Gateway settings in the routing tab I set the host, port 6619, ticked SSL and password (as required by the partner), and filled the password field (length 7) according to the parameter sheet (There is only one password in the parameter sheet).
In the RemotePartner settings routing tab, the connection was set by mendelson 'Connection via gateway' with the above gateway, no option to set a password.
Both test connections returned ok.

I tried the following settings:
- tick password and fill field with the given password
- tick password and fill field with password (length 7) and one more character to fill to 8
- tick password and fill field with password (length 7) and one space
- untick password
- ticked 'Use secure authentication session'
- unticked 'Use secure authentication session'

I searched the forum and read the following threads but they did not help me:


I'm fairly certain the password given to me is correct. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be besides a wrong password? What else can I do to find the problem? Thank you very much in advance.

version: mendelson opensource OFTP2 1.0 build 39.

Best regards,
Jack Smith



Thank you, I'll check it out. If I understand correctly, it suggests I swap the passwords as it may not be the initiator's password i'm typing in. But there is only one password in the parameter sheet given to me. I'll check with my trading partner again if that password is explicitly the one they expect.

The issue is solved. It turns out my parameters weren't stored in their system yet which resulted in the obvious error 'invalid password'. The connection is now working in both directions. Thanks.