"Invalid password", internal code 4

Hello Team,

I am trying to set up an OFTP2 connection with my partner, and when i tried to send them a test file I got "Invalid password", internal code 4 error.
I have already set the Password properly under routing tab but my partner's password has 6 characters length.
I saw into my log file that two blanks were added when SSIDPSWD was sent. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thnak you in advance!

Dimitris Mollas



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there is no problem like added blanks in the password field, don't worry. If you enter an empty field then there is no password submitted.
I expect another reason for your ESID 04: The OFTP2 RFC does only speak of an "Initiator's Password" to be sent to the partner. In the communication datasheets both partners may have a password without clarifying if this is the one that is expected or has to be send. Different OFTP2 solutions have a different understanding of which password to expect and which one to send. Means taking the other password from the partners datasheet and entereing it into the partners password field normally solves this problem if it happens.