Use mendelson for both HTTP and HTTPS

Hi all,

I use Mandelson with partners and at the moment we configured our local station with HTTP address.
Now, some partners are asking to exchange data with HTTPS, but I don't know how to tell on the partners configuration to use HTTPS- I tried creating another local station with HTTPS address, but If I do a send file manually I can tell the program to use a different local station, but the same thing it's not present on the partner tabs. So at this point I have the doubt that we can only use one local station, and consequently or HTTP OR HTTPS.
Am I right?



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as sender you can setup the partner receipt URL to use the protocol HTTPS, as receiver you can bind TLS to a port in the configuration of the embedded HTTP server. You could bind a HTTPS port and a HTTP port, the you could have TLS and raw traffic.