Having Issues receiving messages to our partner

Hello All

I am able to send the AS 2 messages to my partners but unable to receive messages from the partner. Can anyone tell me what i can be doing wrong. Logs below
[12:33:22 PM] Inbound transmission is a AS2 message [], raw message size: 4.69 KB. 
[12:33:22 PM] [] Inbound AS2 message is encrypted. 
[12:33:22 PM] [] The inbound AS2 message data has been decrypted using the key "66e54b84bdeb226827db764d34efa9d95d028b3d", the encryption algorithm was "AES-256", the key encryption algorithm was "RSA". 
[12:33:22 PM] [] Inbound AS2 message is signed. 
[12:33:22 PM] [] The sender used the algorithm "SHA-256" to sign the inbound AS2 message. 
[12:33:22 PM] [] Using certificate "" to verify inbound AS2 message signature. 
[12:33:22 PM] [] Verification of digital signature of inbound AS2 message failed message-digest attribute value does not match calculated value 
[12:33:22 PM] [] Generating outbound MDN, setting message id to "". 
[12:33:22 PM] [] Outbound MDN has been signed with the algorithm "SHA-256". 
[12:33:22 PM] [] Outbound MDN created for AS2 message "", state set to [processed/error: authentication-failed]. 
[12:33:22 PM] [] Outbound MDN details: Error verifying the senders digital signature: message-digest attribute value does not match calculated value. 
[12:33:22 PM] [] Synchronous MDN sent as answer to message AS2Complete-



I am having the same problem with a trading partner using AS2Complete v1.0, all of our other trading partners use different software and have no issue sending/receiving.

Some files will come through (generally any size uncompressed text and compressed zip files < 5088 bytes). I also noticed that we receive no content-type encoding from them and the disposition is inline (though I don't believe that would make a difference). Their vendor is pointing the finger at us, which I'm 99% sure is not the case (there is always that 1% nagging at you). Their excuse was that because they don't reject files sent to them from us, that it's our side that is broken.

My response to that was, you don't reject our files because we are sending them correctly....

Fun times.... My last response to them was to add the content-type encoding and set it to binary or base64 to at least have some consistency with the other trading partners (we have 29 connected to us, including them).