Configure X509PKIPathv1 token type for Dynamic Receiver

European Commission ICS2 (Import Control System) system is using eDelivery AS4 conformant system for message exchange.

ICS2 HTI (Harmonised Trader Interface) document specifies that:
ICS2 STI (Shared Trader Interface) will use "...the Dynamic Receiver profile enhancement.." and therefore "..Sending MSH MUST use the X509PKIPathv1 Token Type option. In this option the wsse:BinarySecurityToken includes an ordered list of X.509 certificates packaged in a PKIPath."

I have tried sending some test message from Mendelson AS4 to ICS2 STI and the Token Type in the messages is defaulting to: X509v3.

My question is :
How can I configure X509PKIPathv1 token type to be used instead of X509v3?



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