AS2 increase heap memory

Hi Everyone,
I have the Mendelson AS2 v1.1 build 61 installed on a Server 2019 x64.
I've installed JRE 8 update 321 (x64). I can't find where to increase the heap memory size limits.



I believe this is done by editing by editing the AS2.lax file on windows platforms. Look for the line

and modify it. I also believe you'll need to replace the jre directory which ships with AS2 opensource with a 64bit version.

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you just download a new 64 bit jre from any of the jdk suppliers like

Eclipse Foundation OpenJDK
Amazon Corretto OpenJDK
Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK

I'm using Azul OpenJDK 11 JRE Windows 64bit build

copy the folder from the zip file into the AS2 directory , rename the existing jre folder to jre.orig and rename the newly copied folder zulu11.54.25-ca-jre11.0.14.1-win_x64 to jre

Thank you so much :) That fixed the 64 bit issue. However, updating the heap settings in the AS2.lax didn't work for me.
When I launch the AS2 console, I still get the heap configuration warning. I've attached the AS2.lax (txt) file I'm using.
Is there another file I need to make changes to?

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Are you sure you are running the 64bit version of the jre ? I did a fresh install, removed the included jre directory and replaced it with the one from Zulu, making sure to rename the folder jre. I then modified the line and it started correctly. The only issue raised was regarding an ssl cert. See attached screenshot.

If you hover your mouse on the bottom over the triangle warning icon this will list all your errors.

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Hi Ricketbase,
Even though I'm still seeing the warning message when opening the AS2 console, I noticed the it's now using ~ 2GB of memory vs ~ 200MB (before changing from 32 bit to 64 bit). As long as the AS2.lax file contains the max heap information, I'm good with this as a solution and I assume I can ignore the heap memory warning in the console. Thanks again for all your help!

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