Could not receive the sync response after 30000ms

Hi, hope someone can help me.

I keep on getting the following error on Mendelson AS2 build 53

"10:04:14 PM] [Client-Server communication] Receipt timeout - Could not receive the sync response after 30000ms [MessageOverviewRequest]
[10:04:14 PM] refreshMessageOverviewList: null"

I have tried everything but no luck, even set it up again in a clean folder and just copied the settings files and certificate file.

We have even tried build 55 but get the same error.

I have also increased the memory of Mendelson AS2 to use 15GB

java -Xmx15360M -Xms15360M -d64 -classpath %CLASSPATH% de.mendelson.comm.as2.AS2

But no luck either. My server specs are:

4 Core 8 Thread Xeon CPU
Intel SSD Storage.

This is a physical machine, not a virtual.

Hope someone can help me



Hi, does anyone have any idea how to fix this? The AS2 server stops working every day and the partners cannot send messages.

I can access the server using the URL. the issue is when I open the GUI and then it says "Refresing Transaction List" then give me the error:

Client-Server communication] Receipt timeout - Could not receive the sync response after 30000ms [MessageOverviewRequest]

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Forgot to mention that every 24 hours I have to stop mendelson and start it again before it will process the messages due to this error. Could it be the java version I am on?
I am on version 1.8.191 for both JDK and JRE

try to stop the app and then remove all these files:
These files store a information about your partners and setting of your local station.
When you start the app its will create these files again but everything will be empty like if a new app. Before that make a backup anyway.

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please do not follow this advice as it will delete your configuration and will bring back your system to the initial settings!

Looks like a resource problem because you have to many transactions in your system. You could either remove your runtime database (rm AS2_DB_RUNTIME.*) to wipe them all or setup the maintenance process in the settings to let the system automatic delete your transactions (which is recommended). Please have a look at the included documentation/readme file, there should be recommandations regarding the system administration.


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The maintenance process does not work. So eventually your runtime will grow out of control and needs to be wiped. I've been living with this issue for a few years now and just need to wipe my runtime pretty much every month or sooner depending on the AS2 traffic.

I forgot to mention. The stock JVM on here is 32bit so you that 15GB line you added won't do anything.

I have the same problem. When I reboot the pc, the AS2 communitity edition works and can establish the client-server connection on
But when I close it, the connection with the client server cannot be made. If I click on any button in the GUI, the program stops.

Only when I reboot, it works.

Any idea what I can do to fix this ?