MessageHTTPUploader.performUpload: [ClientProtocolException][NonRepeatableRequestException/Cannot retry request with a non-repeatable request entity.]

I downloaded the latest version of AS2 and I am not able to connect to any of our servers.
Could anyone of you please let us know what is the issue?

[4:47:19 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1623076912576-0@mycompanyAS2_ReceiveAS2] MessageHTTPUploader.performUpload: [ClientProtocolException][NonRepeatableRequestException/Cannot retry request with a non-repeatable request entity.]
[4:47:19 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1623076912576-0@mycompanyAS2_ReceiveAS2] Hint:
[4:47:19 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1623076912576-0@mycompanyAS2_ReceiveAS2] This is a mainly a negotiation problem on the protocol level. Your partner rejected your connection.
[4:47:19 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1623076912576-0@mycompanyAS2_ReceiveAS2] Either your partner expected a secure connection (HTTPS) and you tried a raw connection (HTTP) or vice versa.
[4:47:19 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1623076912576-0@mycompanyAS2_ReceiveAS2] It is also possible that your partner expects an other SSL/TLS protocol version or cipher than you offer.
[4:47:19 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1623076912576-0@mycompanyAS2_ReceiveAS2] The max retry has been reached (10), transmission canceled.



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Looks as if it's required to have a repeatable entity in the send process for some proxy products (only if proxy is used). There is no way to fix it for you without modifying the source - you have to wait for the next version..


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Seems like that is true, I tried to use a proxy in between and it seems to be able to send a message without the mentioned exception.
[3:04:43 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1640683769125-3@ReceiveAS2_SendAS2] Preparing outbound AS2 message connection to "https://localhost:8081/as2/as2", active connections: 1/9999.
[3:04:43 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1640683769125-3@ReceiveAS2_SendAS2] Sending AS2 message to https://localhost:8081/as2/as2, sync MDN requested.
[3:04:44 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1640683769125-3@ReceiveAS2_SendAS2] Transmission failed, remote AS2 server reports "503 Service Unavailable".
[3:04:44 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1640683769125-3@ReceiveAS2_SendAS2] Hint:
[3:04:44 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1640683769125-3@ReceiveAS2_SendAS2] A connection has been established to your partners host - a webserver is running there.
[3:04:44 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1640683769125-3@ReceiveAS2_SendAS2] Anyway the remote server signals that something was wrong with the request path or port and returns the HTTP code 503.
[3:04:44 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1640683769125-3@ReceiveAS2_SendAS2] Please refer to an internet search engine if your need more information about this HTTP code.
[3:04:44 PM] [mendelson_opensource_AS2-1640683769125-3@ReceiveAS2_SendAS2] [https://localhost:8081/as2/as2]: HTTP 503