mendelson AS2

What is mendelson AS2 software?

The mendelson AS2 software is a JAVA-based easy to use but highly configurable implementation of the EDIINT AS2 standard.
This is your solution for secure and reliable automated data transfer with your communication partners. We make sure that your platforms are also supported - no matter if you are running Windows, Linux, Mac OS, AIX or others.

In addition to our professional software solution, mendelson-e-commerce GmbH offers you many years of integration experience, fast and uncomplicated support and a future-proof platform with a large customer base.

Dual license model

The mendelson AS2 is available in dual license model - the community version and the commercial license.

With the help of the mendelson AS2 community version you can take the first steps towards professional, secure data exchange - without a financial expense.

Or buy the mendelson AS2 commercial version to get a top-class product with lightspeed support in a distinguished quality.
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What are the differences between these versions?


AS2 or EDIINT AS2 is the communication standard used to securely transport all types of business data using the internet rather than over a dedicated network. Using a machnism of message delivery notifications you will always know if your messages arrived at the system of your partner and which state your partners system returned after the receipt.

With mendelson AS2 solution, you can transfer not only EDI documents but also documents in various formats such as X12, UN/EDIFACT, XML, and Microsoft Word. The data is not changed as it is transferred - it arrives in the same format in which it was sent.

mendelson AS2 solution gives you an easy and fast solution to communicate with your partners based on AS2. It can be used as stand alone modul or integrated in the mendelson business integration.

mendelson AS2 test server

mendelson-e-commerce GmbH runs a AS2 test server. It allows to check your server software for compatibility against the mendelson product.