mendelson AS2 test server

mendelson AS2 test server

mendelson-e-commerce GmbH runs a AS2 test server. It allows to check your
server software for compatibility against the mendelson product.

If you are using the installation version of mendelson opensource AS2 it is preconfigured to directly communicate with this server.

This server may sometimes be down for maintenance purpose. You could check it's state by pointing your browser to the following URL:

To monitor the data entries on the testserver please point your browser to, user: guest, password: guest

If you would like to test your AS2 server against the mendelson AS2 test server please use the following settings before sending messages:

  • MDN: sync
  • URL:
  • Signature: Necessary, SHA-1 or SHA-2 or SHA-3 or any other
  • Encryption: Necessary, 3DES or any other
  • Sender AS2 id (your id): mycompanyAS2
  • Sender key (your key): (format pkcs#12, keystore pass "test"): Key3
  • Receiver AS2 id (test servers id): mendelsontestAS2
  • Receiver certificate (test servers certificate): (format PEM): Key4

If you want to test TLS connections, you can also reach the test server or the mendelson AS2 web interface via the URLs (TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3)

and, user: guest, password: guest

Note: These URLs are just secured by the (self signed) key "key3" (please see above). Please do not send us a mail if your browser classifies a URL secured by a self signed key as a security risk, that is an expected behavior of your browser. If you run a mendelson AS2 server yourself, you can of course use trusted keys at this point.

Please contact us if you have trouble sending data to the AS2 test server.