mendelson OFTP2 2021 b315 released

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mendelson OFTP2

Message send peak problem

  • Transactions that are scheduled by the command line have not been enqueued in the send queue but executed immediatly.
    Means it was possible to create a huge amount of preprocessing threads by just sending a peak of outbound transactions to the system. This has been fixed, all the transactions are enqueued now into the procesing queue. If the HA plugin is enabled other nodes may pick up the proprocessing jobs to execute them on their system.
  • As of 05/2021 TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1 have been disabled by default in the newly released JVMs there has been added a warning in the mendelson OFTP2 if this is detected. These TLS protocols are still part of the OFTP2 protocol and the user should get information how to enable them if they are disabled by default. Please remember that these protocols are always enabled in the windows installer, this is just for JVMs that have been manually installed, e.g. under linux