mendelson converter IDE 2020 b280 released

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Problem in flat format wizards

  • The flat format generation wizards (from testdata/by col/row description) have been reworked
  • In the flat format generation description wizard the default value for the number of rows in the header and the details section has been set to 3 - this was 0 and created unexpected format descriptions by just clicking through the wizard
  • The flat format generation wizard from CSV testdata has been reworked: New renderers for the project combo box, new renderer for the file type combo box
  • The flat format generation process from CSV testdata failed if the encoding of the testdata was ISO-8859-1 and german special characters were included as always UTF-8 was expected. A new combo box has been added to select the encoding of the input test data. Additionally much more information has been added to the log output of the process.