1.1 b59 not working under Ubuntu

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It seems that the new version is not working under Ubuntu (not tried under other linux flavors).
Running the shell script, after a couple of seconds a messagebox with a filename appear and then quits.
Reverting to 57 solves the problem.



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it was an xml file in the eclipse path. I can't tell you right now because I have to reinstall the 59 and I don't have a spare machine available.

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This is just a jar file missing in the classpath, that has nothing to do with the OS. It should be jetty9/lib/jetty-xml-9.2.25.v20180606.jar, please add it to the classpath. In your screenshot you see the NoClassDefFound Exception in the background.


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I added the line:

addToClasspath "jetty9/lib"

after the others and now it works.