Local station certificate renewal - Easy way?

This should be an easy task however I'm facing a challenging situation.
The certificate of our AS/2 local station will expire in 30 days and it has to be renewed. It's issued by a Certification Authority, needed by several business partners we deal with. This is a configuration of the local station so it's doesn't seem to be a customized configuration for each partner.
Is there an easy way to update the local station certificate with a new one without breaking all partners connection as I believe they will also need to update our certificate at their side, in sync with the operation on our side? My concern is based we have 20+ partners configured and it doesn't seem we will be able to have everyone available to update the certificate at the same time. Can Mendelson AS/2 automatically send an updated certificate to the partner as they connect?

Using Mendelson OS AS/2 1.1 b55 on Windows.

Thanks for your help