Messages not covered by the time filter due to timezone issues ?


My AS2 client (build 57) displays timestamp "15/08/2019, 01:05" for a message M.

Message M is not selected to the message list although the time filter is "from" 15 Aug 2019 and "to" 31 Aug 2019.
But M is selected to the message list with "from"-date 14 Aug 2019.

A vice versa problem if we look at the "to"-date:
Message M is selected to the message list although the time filter is activated with "from"-date 1 Aug 2019 and "to"-date 14 Aug 2019.

Not a big issue, of course, but I think it's not as intended.

Is this related to the timestamp being saved in the database as UTC ?
(for message M: INITDATEUTC = 2019-08-14 23:05:18)

I would expect that the time filter applies to the message timestamps as displayed in the AS2 client.

However, in principle the time filter is a great and useful feature from my point of view.
Thanks for that.




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perhaps an issue of setting up the location of your system, have you done this in the preferences?


Hello Service,

Yes, preferences are set to german and Germany.
I have just tested other settings, but it does not make a difference.

I think the problem is that on one hand the message timestamp is converted to UTC before being saved to database,
but on the other hand the filter date is used for the selection "as is".
And I think this can result in a "gap" when using the time filter ... depending on the timezone where the AS2 system is located.

What do you think ?