I stood up Mendelson AS2 server and tried sending a message from another AS2 system. The message is received but failed to fully process. Below is what we have in the logs.

What could be causing this?

[12:59:54 PM] Inbound transmission is a AS2 message [Mythical Suppliers-Carrier1], raw message size: 2.88 KB.
[12:59:54 PM] Inbound AS2 message is encrypted.
[12:59:54 PM] The inbound AS2 message data has been decrypted using the key "carrier1", the encryption algorithm was "3DES", the key encryption algorithm was "RSA".
[12:59:54 PM] Inbound AS2 message is signed.
[12:59:54 PM] The sender used the algorithm "SHA-256" to sign the inbound AS2 message.
[12:59:54 PM] Using certificate "mythical" to verify inbound AS2 message signature.
[12:59:54 PM] Digital signature of inbound AS2 message has been verified successful.
[12:59:54 PM] The inbound AS2 message data is not compressed.
[12:59:54 PM] The original payload filename has been transmitted by the message sender as "testfile.edi".
[12:59:54 PM] Found 1 payload attachments in the inbound AS2 message.
[12:59:54 PM] AS2ServerProcessing: [java.nio.file.InvalidPathException] Illegal char <:> at index 13: 2020-03-03T12:59:54.699-3380a192-97c5-4c17-9c2d-3e9a6238328d@mythical_carrier1
[12:59:54 PM] Unable to process on server: Incoming message response
[12:59:54 PM] performUserDefinedProcessing: inbound message of class de.mendelson.comm.as2.clientserver.message.IncomingMessageRequest has not been processed.



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looks like its the colon found in the message id that causes the problem. The system tries to create a filename from the message it which results in an invalid one. Which version are you using?

Edit: Just checked it with the current version and this is the used filename created from your input:


Looks fine, please update to the current version.