In b57 zip release no batch file to start mendelson AS2 on Windows

The zip release of b57 ("") has no batch file ("mendelson_as2_start.bat") to start mendelson AS2 on Windows.



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We have downloaded the installer but are unable to set the amount of memory for Mendleson to use, as well as for it to use 64bit Java.

Can you please advise how this is done in build 57.

In build 55 we used the following in the .bat file:

"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-12.0.2\bin\java" -Xmx5G -Xms5G -classpath %CLASSPATH% de.mendelson.comm.as2.AS2

Thank you in advance.


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the mendelson opensource AS2 is delivered with a 32bit VM, it is not possible to define more than 1.3GB of heap there without manually replacing the JVM.

For using a 64bit VM (which is recommended for production use) out of the box please move to the commercial license.


On attempting to send an AS4 message containing the following collaboration info

we receive a SignalMessage as such:


Although the message document is well formed and schema valid, some element/attribute value is inconsistent either with the content of other element/attribute, or with the processing mode of the MSH, or with the normative requirements of the ebMS specification.
[SOAP Validation] If the AgreementRef/@type attribute is not present, the content of the AgreementRef element MUST be a URI.

If we send UBL documents via Mendelson AS4 the SOAP-XML Mendelson generates does set the collaboration info the same way. In order to receive the AS4 message successfully we have to disable the validation of the SOAP-XML first.

According to the EBMS XSD AgreementRef is defined as such:

hence I think this is a bug in the b27 version of Mendelson AS4

Hi Service,

I helped myself by using "mendelson_as2_start.bat" of the b55 release and adding those two commands:

call :appendJarsAndZips jlib\dark
call :appendJarsAndZips jlib\svg

(see attachment "mendelson_as2_start_bat.txt")

Worked without problems for me.

However, thanks for your advice regarding the windows installer.

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