problem deleting messages (manual or auto mode)


I,m on version 1.1 b55.

When i set "auto deleted messages older than", no matter hours, min or days... nothing change, no messages deleted at all.

Moreover, if i choose manually messages and press "delete", I receive an error (see attached image) and again, no messages deleted at all.

Any help would be aprecciated.

Thanks and est regards.



In case you don´t have access to the attached file, the error captured when i try to manual delete the messages is:

"Unable to process on server: Delete messages
performUserDefinedProcessing: inbound message of class de.mendelson.comm.as2.clientserver.message.DeleteMessageRequest has not been processed."

Thanks and best regards.

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thank you for your feedback. We already reworked the auto delete mechanism in the commercial version and changed everything to non blocking IO. That issue should be fixed in the next version.


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