Configuration export/import function mising in AS2 1.1 buld 55

I know its gonna be a silly question but : is there function of configuration backup/restore no more available in community AS2 versions ?
After quite long time I've installed build 55 on Linux server having not found this function there.
Thx for any hint on how to potentially backup the config if any.

Petr Cech



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we removed this functionality - but I think this is already some year ago? Problem was keeping the compatibility between the exports of the several versions - an exported configuration was just compatible for the same build and not for older or newer versions.
Just copy the keystore files and the database files to your new installation and you are done - but there should be also an update section in the included readme?


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Hi, such really instant reaction -thank you.
Well, we are using a previous versions of opensource AS2 for a long time indeed.
I understand the reasons with compatibility.
Could you, finally, give me a hint which one of AS2 files is the database one to keep it for backup purposes, please? As concerns keystore that's clear to me, of course.