Serialization java error on File send

After a windows update, I'm starting to see this error when sending zip files to our partner. "SendOrderAccessDB.add: object serialization failure: sun.nio.fs.WindowsPath". Any help is appreciated.



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This error must not occur in the community edition in my opinion. It is a problem that occured in the commercial edition (and has been fixed there already) if you use client and server on different OS but this is not possible for the community edition. Could you please post some information about your configuration and what you did?


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Hi, not sure if it helps, but the issue only seems to occur on the XML files that are in the zip file. When posting text files for test the issue is not present.

Below are the settings for the partner.

Message encryption algorithm: 3DES
Payload content type: application/EDI-Consent
Content Transfer Encoding: binary (Tried base64 and same error)
Async MDN
AS2 version 1.1


I made progress and it's related to the size of the payload. It seems to occur if the payload is over 2.5 MB. Is there a setting to increase the transfer file size?

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I have the same problem with large files (>2.5 MB) on Linux:
SendOrderAccessDB.add: object serialization failure: sun.nio.fs.UnixPath

Is there a solution in the meantime?