When I create my own SSL and File certificates, I wait for the following questions to run

When I create two connections A B on two local servers, if I use the SSL and SING generated by FILE - SING / CRYPT, I will report the following error. If I use two of the KEY1 - KEY4 included in AS2, I can send the message successfully. Who can tell me what's going on? Was my certificate created incorrectly, or what happened? If the creation is wrong, how to create it

[2:11:53 PM] A problem occurs during processing a send order: [NullPointerException] "null" - the data has not been transmitted to the partner.

[2:11:53 PM] Error processing the file "88.txt" for the relationship "spring pvs1/spring pvs2": "null".



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sorry but there is not enough information in your post to tell you what happens or to help you out. To be honest I have no idea what you tried and what you did before and how your configuration looks like.


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Oh, I see. Thank you.And do you have any operating instructions on the open source Mendelson As2?Or how to generate a usable As2 can you provide me with one?This is the first time for me to contact with AS2, and I don't understand a lot of things. I saw a piece of application method of AS2 on Csdn, and I tried it and made a mistake. I posted the mistake in the post, so I wonder if you can provide me with an operation instruction or something for my reference.Thank you very much for...Here is my connection to which CSDN

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Hi wangchaofeng,
Were you able to use your own private key? did you resolve this error?
I am having the same error when I imported my own private key (keypair) and tried sending files to partner [A problem occurred during processing a send order: [NullPointerException] "null"]
Thank you for your time and support.