Key1 is about to expire

We are using an old version of OFTP Server (2013, build 89). We have recently started getting warnings that "Key1 will expire 10.august 2019". Key1 is a self signed certificate and I guess it is not used in production, but I need to make sure the system will not stop working. Can we safely ignore the warning? We are postponing OFTP upgrade as long as we can, why change a working system, right?



I created a new self-signed certificate yesterday and tried updating the partner using the old (soon to expire cert) with the new one. Worked flawlessly in our case.

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Sorry for the late reply Clay, I didn't receive any email notification about your reply so I never knew about it until now. Anyway, hope you sorted it out. The option to create an new self signed certificate is in the OFTP2Client GUI, under "Certificate management (SSL)" -> Tools -> Generate new key (self signed).

I'm not really sure if even need to do this, it probably depends on if you are encrypting or signing your outgoing files. In that case it also depends on if your partner will trust your self-signed certificate (which they probably wont). Then you will have to buy a new code signing certificate and import that into OFTP2Client.

Anyway, I selected the newly created self-signed certificate for all 4 keys under "Partner" -> select name of your local partner -> Select "Security" tab.