++ Move incoming file to directory ++


I want to move an incoming file by an AS2 partner to a specific folder. At "Ereignisse" I added the following line at "Kommando nach dem Empfang"
"move ${filename} d:\${originalfilename}", without the ".
Unfortunately the files are stored in "D:\mendelson\as2\messages\Gudeco\inbox". What do I understand wrong?

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Sorry but this is a different language so mine says something different but mine I go to the partner > events > select command on msg receipt

you should be able to do something like this

move ${filename} ../../../..

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Yes, thats the correct point where I also added the line "move ${filename} d:\${originalfilename}". In the job log I see it correct path/variables are read and used, but the file does not end in d:\.
I checked the access rights settings. AS2 service is running as local system. I did test the cmd line as system and it did work.

We had a similar problem and solved it by using a batch file. Our entry "Kommando nach dem Empfang" is c:\batch\empf.bat "${filename}"
And this is empf.bat:

set nn=%1
set /a s=60
set /a l=500
call set nn1=%%nn:~%s%,%l%%%
move %1 C:\archiv\%nn1%

Depending on the lenght of your path you can change the values of s and l in the batch file or use additional variables on calling the batch file.