Cannot upgrade OFTP2 v35 to v36


I'm trying to upgrade our current OFTP2 build 35 version to OFTP2 v39.

I'm following the instructions that are available in the readme file:

"*Create a backup of your installation
*Delete the existing jlib directories content
*Unpack the zip to the installation or execute the installer (windows). Do not overwrite the files that
contain your personal data like certificates.p12, certificates_ssl.p12 and the notification templates
*Start the OFTP2 server - it will start an update routine for the underlaying database structure - it's done. If additional
steps are required for the update process the system will inform you.
If the update fails please contact us.
*Whenever something unexpected occurs during this update procedure just recover the directory using your backup -
this will bring the server back to exact the old state"

When i launch the newly upgraded server by executing the executable 'OFTP2.exe' nothing happens.

Server OS: Windows server 2008 r2 standard.
Java version 1.8

Thanks in advance for the help.

Kind regards, Jonathan.




I have reinstalled jave sdk 11 and it's working now.

Thanks for the support!

Kind regards, Jonathan.