mendelson OFTP2 2023 b356 released

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mendelson OFTP2

Integrated EBCDIC-ASCII/ASCII-EBCDIC converter

  • Added an integrated EBCDIC-ASCII and ASCII-EBCDIC converter (professional edition). This could be configured per partner in the pre/postprocessing section. As this adds additional information to the partner data the XML interface has been changed. Please refer to the schemas modify_partner_request.xsd, list_partner_response.xsd
    and add_partner_request.xsd for further information if you are using the XML interface
  • Certificate manager: Display the sign algorithm and the name of the EC curve in the overview
  • Key generation: Adding support for SHA-2 512, SHA2 512 PSSRSA, SHA3 512 und SHA-3 512 PSSRSA signed keys
  • OAUTH2: Updated the embedded HTTP server to jetty v10.0.16
  • Updated MINA (client-server framework) to v2.2.3
  • Added the possibility to generate a subject key identifier (ski) extension in the key generator of the certificate manager