mendelson AS4 2023 b291 released

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mendelson AS4

ENTSOG 4.0 support (draft)

  • Support for the ENTSOG 4.0 which currently exists just as draft
  • Added a new profile ENTSOG v4.0 to the product, allows presets
  • Added the signatur algorithm eddsa-ed25519
  • Static DH (ECDH-ES), added the possibility to perform the key agreement using X25519 keys. There has been added the possibility to work with ephemeral keys that are either on the X25519 (ENTSOG 4.0) or BrainPool (BDEW 1.0) curve
  • Added the possibility to generate Ed25519 keys in the the certificate manager
  • Added the possibility to perform the ephemeral key encryption/wrapping kw-aes128 using XDH
  • 3rd party: Updated the xmsec lib to 3.0.2