mendelson OFTP2 2022 b338 released

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mendelson OFTP2

XML API fixes, certificate manager enhancements, lib updates

  • Added connection information to the session in the log. This includes the TLS protocol and the cipher and connection direction
  • Reworked the transmission detail dialog - the is an icon for each connection now that signals the connections security level
  • Added a new feature to the certificate manager: Certificates that are not used in the product are now greyed out - makes it easy to identify unused keys/certificates
  • Fixed a problem in the XML API sample add_partner_request.xml - old keys were used and there was a structure problem in the request format
  • Using the XML API it was possible to add partners with invalid key/certificate alias - this had to be fixed in the partner manager afterwards after the import.
    Now there are 4 new states added to the partner add request, these are INVALID-UNKNOWN_CERTIFICATE_CRYPTALIAS, INVALID-UNKNOWN_CERTIFICATE_SIGNALIAS,
  • Fixed a problem in the xsd schema for partner import via the XML API
  • 3rd party software updates: Updated HSQLDB to v2.7.0, MINA to v2.2.1, Flatlaf to v2.4