mendelson AS4 2022 b272 released

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mendelson AS4

Bug fixes, underlaying web server updated

  • The underlaying web server has been updated to jetty 10. The windows installer should deal with that automatically. If you are updating your system manually please have a look at the update instructions PDF found on the download site. Please review your jetty settings in any case as the old configuration (jetty.xml) is not compatible to the new jetty version and you have to reconfigure it.
  • If you change your TLS primary key this is now recognized by the system, there is no longer a restart required.
  • It is possible now to setup the max number of inbound connections for the system - if there are more at the same time they are refused
  • The configuration of the basic settings of the internal web server have moved now to a simple config file - it is no longer required to change the xml config of the jetty.
  • There was a problem with the validation of the inbound SOAP part against the W3C Schema - reason was that some Schema parts have been downloaded on first start of the system which failed sometimes. The required Schemas are all part of the delivery now and are stored local.
  • Light mode and dark mode of the client are now persistend settings and could be setup in the client settings - or overwritten by the command line parameter.
  • Regression: mendelson AS4 2022 b271 had some problems storing server side settings - this has been fixed.
  • The log formatter of the system has been reworked and the color settings have changed to VT-100 color codes - this will allow to use the logs in VT-100 enabled consoles later
  • 3rd party: Update to jakarta mail 1.6.7 und jakarta activation 1.2.1, commons io 2.11
  • The windows installer is delivered now with a JRE 11.0.15 - this should fix CVE-2022-21449. If you are on a non windows system please update your jre to a version > 11.0.14 for a fix.