mendelson AS2 2022 b542 released

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mendelson AS2

Update of underlaying web server

  • The underlaying web server has been updated to jetty 10.0.9.
  • Main configuration values of the jetty web server have been moved to a small configuration file (jetty10/jetty.config) - now it should be unnecessary to edit the whole configuration XML of the web server for small changes like port settings etc
  • The program will now recognize private key changes of the TLS keystore - means there is no need to restart the program after the change of the TLS key
  • Added the possibility to define the max number of parallel inbound connections
  • 3rd party lib: Updated to jakarta.activation 1.2.1
  • 3rd party lib: Updated to jakartamail 1.6.7
  • 3rd party lib: Updated to commons io 2.11.0
  • 3rd party lib: Updated to lucene 9.1.0