postprocessing question on ${filename}


New user here.
I'm struggling with the post-processing parameter ${filename}.
From the Help it appears to contains only the filename itself.
However when you pass it to powershell that file is preceded with the absolute path.

I could "Monte Carlo" it if my EDI partners where more willing to send test data, so this question is also about "how can you setup a fake partner that sends in data" so testing can be done at leasure. I can't test if I don't receive data thru the Mendelson pipe.

Back on topic, here's the post processing command:

C:\Progra~1\PowerShell\7\pwsh.exe \\myserver\scripts\\inbound-gvms.ps1 -filename ${filename}

The invoked powershell script starts off with a simple param to receive ${filename}

param( $myfile)

thx for any pointers



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Install the software on two PC in your network, create a self signed certificate, create a local station then setup the partner as the other machine, then you can make any test you want.