mendelson AS4 2021 b262 released

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mendelson AS4

Transaction restart, SOAP Validation performance

  • The schema validation of the SOAP part of the AS4 message took up to 10s, this has been fixed
  • Restart of a transaction as new transaction did not work
  • Database migration dialog from HSQLDB to postgreSQL: The database files have been loaded from the client side but needed to be loaded from the server side
  • Added synchronization between the file streams and the underlaying file system provider.
  • Updated BouncyCastle to v169 (crypto API)
  • Fixed a database issue (which was very seldom) if you created a new partner
  • Updated MINA to 2.1.4 (async io framework for client-server architecture)
  • An error occured in the setup of new profile values to a new partner