Missing element "/Header" in AS4 data

Hi all,
I am trying to send a message to Tibco BusinessConnect and I get the following error message:

"[Inbound data processing] A problem occured during processing of inbound AS4 data (Module Content, ValueNotRecognized: [Missing element "/Header" in AS4 data])".

Has anyone had this mistake? do i need to add some fields in the parter configuration?



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some SOAP metadata structures in the AS4 message format are mandatory and the SOAP data has to follow the schema ebms-header-3_0-200704.xsd which could be found in the installation directory.
If this is not the case there will be an error that the metadata is of wrong structure which seems to be the case at your side. Please check the SOAP metadata structure, it could be also seen in the transmission details dialog.


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