mendelson AS4 2020 b255 released

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mendelson AS4

Allow PMode.Protocol.Address per PMode

  • Added the possibility to define a receiver URL (PMode.Protocol.Address) for each PMode set. These settings will overwrite the partners receipt URL if it is set. ENTSOG 3.5 states regarding this issue: "For a tuple of From/PartyId, From/Role, To/PartyId, To/Role, Service, Action values, organisations MAY agree to configure multiple processing modes differing on other P-Mode parameters such as certificates used, or the URL of endpoints."
  • Added the possibility to test connections and download and import remote certificates into the internal system
  • Added SNI (Server Name Indication) support to the connection test functionality - means if you are downloading a TLS certificate from a partner that is on a virtual host and requires SNI you will get the right/expected certificate
  • Added the possibility to delete all unused, expired key/certificate entries of the certificate manager with a single click. Therefor a new menu item has been added: "File-Delete all expired keys/certificates". Deleting these old entries is recommended because it makes no sense to perform cryptographic operations with expired certificates.
  • Added SNI (Server Name Indication) support to outbound HTTPS connections
  • [Windows only] Updated the underlaying JRE as there were problems with TLS 1.3. We recomment to update your JRE under non windows OS, too if you encounter TLS 1.3 problems.
  • [3rd party] Updated the underlaying crypto API to BC 167
  • [3rd party] Updated the apache HTTP components used for outbound connections from 4.5.6 to 4.5.13
  • [3rd party] Updated the dark mode libs to flatlaf 0.43