Improper close state: Status = OK HandshakeStatus = NEED_WRAP

Good Day Everyone,

I am using the newest version of mendelson community edition (Build 41 - 1.1b41.exe). I try to get a connection to another OFTP2-Server with TLS-Settings.
The test connection on both sides (local and other maschine) said everything is fine, connection can be established.

If i want to send an testfile to the external OFTP2 it says the following:

[SSLException] Improper close state: Status = OK HandshakeStatus = NEED_WRAP
[16:34:03] bytesConsumed = 0 bytesProduced = 7 sequenceNumber = 1
[16:34:03] An inbound TLS connection failed. Please check if both partners are using the right certificates and ensure that the remote partner does not try to establish a raw connection to the local TLS port.
[16:34:03] [Session 20200512163403-0] [Session Manager]: Removed session 20200512163403-0 with partner null, created at 12 May 2020, 16:34:03, remote address was null

And no data is transmitted.

If i do not use TLS, everything is working fine and i can send and receive files from both sides.

Any idea what's going wrong?

Kind Regards



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this looks as if you are trying to connect to a port that does not support TLS but expect a port that supports TLS. Means this looks like a TLS -> RAW connection attempt.