mendelson converter IDE 2022 b304 released

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mendelson converter IDE

Full integration of JSON into the mendelson converter

  • JSON is now a valid format for data input or data output of every mendelson converter project
  • The converter runtime will be able to process JSON data instead of EDI data once the conversion project has been configured that way. This feature requires a mendelson converter runtime that is younger than 06/2023 - older versions will just try to perform a EDI/XML/EDI conversion on the same project structure so this will not break the compatibility. Projects could be configured to have either JSON data or EDI data as input and EDI or JSON data as output.
  • Modified the project handling of the interface of the mendelson converter IDE regarding the possibility to setup and configure JSON conversion projects
  • The next version of the mendelson business integration (mbi) will be able to process both the JSON(EDI)/XML/JSON(EDI) projects in the generic conversion tasks
  • Reworked the menues of the IDE/project tree