mendelson AS4 2022 b269 released

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mendelson AS4

Used PMode.Initiator.Party.Type as PMode.Responder.Party.Type

  • Instead of PMode.Responder.Party.Type the content of PMode.Initiator.Party.Type has been used in message creation. This has not been detected so far because in most AS4 substandards this attribute is either not used or has the same content for sender and receiver.
  • A problem has been fixed where a key import from a JKS keystore into the TLS certificate manager resulted in the problem "unable to recover key" on next server start. With this error message the system did not start up. As the certificate manager codebase is shared between all mendelson products please wait for an update of the other product if you encounter it there.
  • Capped the number of threads in the directory poll manager. This reduces the overall load, but leads to the side effect that the specified poll intervals may not be met.
    Please always keep an eye on the displayed system configuration problems where this is mentioned. For higher load we recommend to disable the directory poll and send the send orders from your ERP system to the mendelson AS4 via AS4Send.exe/sh
  • A timeout while uploading data between client and server was not registered by AS4Send.exe/ This caused in this case the creation of a send job of a file with 0 bytes and the return code was still 0. This is now corrected - in case of a timeout no send job is created and the return code is 1, furthermore a corresponding result file is created if the parameter "-response" is set.
  • 3rd party: Update to Lucene 9.0.0 (indexing of system events)