mendelson opensource OFTP2 1.1 b45 released

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mendelson opensource OFTP2

Yearly release of the mendelson OFTP2 opensource

Please find the download link at

What is new

  • Adding the possibility in the server settings to delete old system events and transaction logs during system maintenance
  • Enhanced the filter in the GUI to select only messages routed from this station - this is mainly useful if you use the installation as a gateway
  • Added placeholders for text fields
  • Password fields can now be switched between unmasked and masked view
  • New icons for encryption and signature with an indication if the algorithms used are recommended/strong
  • Added the possibility to delete transactions per minute or per hour, this can be set in the settings
  • Initialized the OFTP2 data exchange buffer size with 99999 (please keep in mind that this value will be negotiated for every session)

Resolved problems

  • Fixed the problem that system languages other than "en" and "de" had to use the parameter -lang for the program start.
  • Fixed a problem when deleting transactions (manually and automatically), this function was very slow
  • Fixed a DB problem when managing outgoing connections.
  • The "Resend as new transaction" function took the preprocessed data of a transaction to resend and reprocessed it before it was sent. This means that the wrong data was sent. If custom postprocessing was in the transmission, some variables were also missing.
  • A problem has been fixed where a key import from a JKS keystore into the TLS certificate manager resulted in the problem "unable to recover key" on next server start. With this error message the system did not start up. As the certificate manager codebase is shared between all mendelson products please wait for an update of the other product if you encounter it there.
  • Capped the number of threads in the directory poll manager. This reduces the overall load, but leads to the side effect that the specified poll intervals may not be met. Please always keep an eye on the displayed system configuration problems where this is mentioned.

Updated 3rd party software packages

  • Complete removal of Log4j from the product and all 3rd party products - so the product is no longer affected by previous and upcoming Log4j vulnerabilities.
  • The DB connection pool commons pool and commons dbcp have been replaced by HikariCP
  • Update to Bouncycastle v1.69 (Crypto API)
  • Update to Lucene 9.0.0 (indexing of system events)
  • Update to MINA 2.1.5 (Client-Server Interface)
  • Update to flatlaf 2.0 (dark mode)
  • Addition of Jackson for JSON processing