update problems

we want to update OFTP2 Community Version 1.0.33 to Version 1.1b43 on Windows Server 2012 R2, 64-bit.
We followed the instuctions for update, but afterwards the program doesn’t run anymore.
We did some tests and detected some exceptions while running the DB update script.
Probably caused by missing update scripts.
Do you have some hints or where to get these update scripts or previous versions?

Sourceforge only provide the current version 1.1b43.
Even the links in version history link to current version.

Thanks a lot
Best regards

error message:
C:\…..\OFTP2 Server>jre\bin\java –XMx1300 –Xms92M – classpath „.;upgrade/hsqldb1.8.1.3.jar;oftp2.jar“ de.mendelson.upgrade.DB18ToScript
Fehler: Hauptklasse de.mendelson.upgrade.DB18ToScript konnte nicht gefunden werden oder geladen werden
C:\…..\OFTP2 Server>jre\bin\java –XMx1300 –Xms92M – classpath „.;upgrade/hsqldb2.2.6.jar;oftp2.jar“ de.mendelson.upgrade.DBScriptTo20
Fehler: Hauptklasse de.mendelson.upgrade.DBScriptTo20 konnte nicht gefunden werden oder geladen werden
(de.mendelson.upgrade.DBScriptTo20 could not be found or loaded)