mendelson AS4 2022 b268 released

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Yearly release of the mendelson AS4 server
- Log4j is no longer part of the product nor referenced in the included libs

What is new

  • Added support for external PostgreSQL databases (via a new plugin)
  • Added a data migration dialog to move HSQLDB configuration to new PostgreSQL
    configuration if the PostgreSQL plugin is used
  • Added an icon to password fields to switch between masked and unmasked view
  • Added textfield placeholders to several textfields
  • Font changes
  • Modified button logic in most im/export dialogs of the certificate manager
  • Added the "host" parameter to the AS4Send command line command.
    This allows to create send orders from remote systems.

Resolved problems

  • The "Resend as new transaction" option in the transaction overview
    just did nothing - this has been fixed
  • The schema validation of the SOAP part of the AS4 message took up to 10s,
    this has been fixed
  • Fixed a database issue (which was very seldom) if you created a new partner
  • Fixed a problem that occured in the setup of new profile values to a new

Updated software packages

  • Complete removal of Log4j from the product and all 3rd party products -
    so the product is no longer affected by previous and upcoming Log4j vulnerabilities
  • Update to Bouncycastle v1.69 (Crypto API)
  • Update to Lucene 8.11.0 (indexing of system events)
  • Update to MINA 2.1.5 (Client-Server Interface)
  • Update to flatlaf 1.5 (Dark mode)