Date pickers display "american weeks" instead of ISO weeks

I found the date pickers in "system events" and "search in serverlogs" to display american week numbers and the weeks starting with sunday.
(No matter if the AS2 client language setting is german or english.)

Since I use a german Windows with german locale settings, I would expect the weeks to start with a monday and to have the weeks numbered according to the ISO standard.

Of course, this is just a cosmetical issue.



Well, I would agree with that.
But I think that the date picker class ("com.toedter.calendar.JDateChooser") is not the problem.
I tested and found that the date picker is perfectly capable to (automatically) display a "german style calendar", as long as the locale setting is correct.

My system (german Windows 7) appears in Java with the default locale "de_DE" ... normally.
So I was surprised about how the AS2 client date picker (not) dealt with it.
After some digging I discovered this section in "de.mendelson.comm.as2.AS2" as the probable reason:

if (language.toLowerCase().equals("en")) {
} else if (language.toLowerCase().equals("de")) {
} else if (language.toLowerCase().equals("fr")) {
} else {

The locale preset "Locale.GERMAN" represents the language code "de", but it does not represent the code for country/region "DE".
(please have a look at the source for "java.util.Locale")

I think, it's not necessary - and not a good idea - to overwrite and "simplify" the default locale to just "de", if it is already set to "de_DE" or "de_AT" e.g.
(More or less the same thoughts for "en" and "fr", when you come from "en_GB", "en_US" or "fr_FR" e.g.)

I would like the idea of the current default locale being checked before overwriting it.

What do you think ?



Looks like the JRE has a problem to find out the region of the underlaying operation system.


does not reflect the country in our environments of the current user nor does

System.getProperty( "" );

The region is important beneath the language because the calendar is different for "en_EN" (1st day of week is Monday) and "en_US" (1st day of week is Sunday).

And if you set for example the Locale using

Locale.setDefault( new Locale(Locale.ENGLISH.getLanguage(), Locale.GERMANY.getCountry() ));

the calendar picker is displayed in the right format (english language and Monday as 1st day).

Ok thank you for the feedback so far, we are thinking about a solution.