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Hello community,

I am new to OFTP2 and certificates, so I am sorry if I have some errors in basics.

I have these Key files: OurCompany.csr, OurCompany-private-key.epk and OurCompany-public-key.p1.
I have these certificate: RootCertificate.pem, IssuingCACertificate.pem and OurCompanyCertificate.pem.

I now want to import our private key to with all of our certifikates to Mendelson OFTP2. Certificates import succesfully via "Certificates (TLS)/Import certificate" function, but if I want to import our private keys via "Certificates (TLS)/Import/Import your own private key (from PEM)" I don't know what I should put into "Import key file (PEM)" and "Import certificate file".

Solution steps:
Start Mendelsong OFTP2 as admin

  • Import key file (PEM) = OurCompany-private-key.epk
  • Keypassword for importing key = [Our password for the private key]
  • Import certificate file = OurCompanyCertificate.pem
  • New alias use = edi.OurCompany.de

Where is my error? Do I misunderstand something or do I have to import the key somewhere else before?

Thanks and with best regards,



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does not give a detailled error message, you are right. Please try open_ssl executing

openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privateKey.key.pem -in certificate.crt.pem

This converts your PEM files to a pkcs#12 keystore with a keypair in it.
Perhaps this gives more information about your files. And if it works you could import the key from the resulting pkcs#12 keystore into the mendelson software.


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