Additional local identity: seems to not work

I'm trying to use an 'additional local identity' for the first time, assuming that would then use the alternate ODETTE id when sending (and allow receiving addressed to that alternate SSID).

Indeed, the UI for manual file sending, (send file to partner) now allows me to choose between my main local identity and the additional one, but when I do that (or if I set the polling directory configuration similarly, to send from the new additional local identity), Mendelson seems to continue sending only on the original one.

This behavior seems to persist through a restart of the software. Am I doing something wrong/missing something here? Should I be able to do what I'm trying to do?

I can see that Mendelson is still using the original SSID by checking the 'OFTP message details' box in Preferences / Log to get that extra protocol detail.

Thanks for any insight you can offer. I'm running OFTP2 1.0 build 37.



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adding a virtual local identity turns the main local identity to a gateway that could still receive data. To address the new virtual identity from outside please setup
SSID -> main local identity
SFID -> new virtual local identity

Please have a look at the routing section of the readme for further information about the routing in OFTP2