Export configuration does not handle Partner Contact tab

Hi, I've used the Export and Import configuration feature a few times on Mendelson (thanks for including it -- it makes things much simpler when you're having to make a bunch of changes to the configuration that are repeated for multiple Partners).

One thing that I've noticed with version 1.0b37 (I did notice there's at least one new version since then, but I'm guessing what I'm reporting has not been changed, and figure it'd be easy for someone who knows to check) is that when I export the full config, most of the Partner config comes out, but it seems like at least some (maybe all) of the data I have stored on the Contact tab for a Partner is lost.

This is particularly a problem if I'm trying to export, make some mechanical changes in the config, and then re-import, because I generally will lose anything I had in those fields (I usually store a partner's email address in 'OFTP2 contact' on that tab.

Is there any suggestion for a work around on this, am I missing something? If not, could this be considered as an enhancement in the next version so that I can continue to rely on the configuration stored there?